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Dental Surgeries - both Private and NHS

Bite Dentistry

30 Glen St, Edinburgh EH3 9JE, UK – 0131 228 3060

Yesterday I had a sinus lift and today I was at work having had no pain, no swelling or bruising. I really don't feel like I have had anything done at all!. I cannot thank Eimear enough for her professionalism, cheerfulness  and for making me feel so relaxed .  Thank you to the girls who assist her and at the reception too. The care before, during and after my treatment was excellent as always.

I have been with Bite Dentistry ever since they were still called 'Frederick Street' (2013) and before that "The Dental Clinic" (2007). They are private practice but do some NHS clients as well. Cathy, my original dentist is very professional and since retired. Helen Young is now my orthodontist. Twice a year I go for a checkup and twice for a hygenist. This permanent location is very nicely decorated and the waiting room is spacious and comfortable. Magazine and complimentary water. The machinery they use in the consult room / surgeries are top of the line. They take card when you need to pay, but you can also sign up for a 'program' of sessions (like a Dental Club Plan) - which gives you a discount when visiting and on treatments. I recommend them!

Cherrybank Dental Spa Edinburgh

Centrum House 108-114 Dundas St, Edinburgh EH3 5DQ, UK – 0131 550 1600

Thanks again to the whole team at cherry bank. Extremely professional and always looked after so well at every appointment and fantastic aftercare. 3/4 of the way there now Thanks again for all your help and support See you all soon 😁😁😁😁😁

So much better than just going to the dentist. Very friendly, welcoming staff who kept me informed every step of the way throughout my treatment.

New Town Dental Care

4 Henderson Row, Edinburgh EH3 5DS, UK – 0131 556 2776

After 10 year of being scared about going to the dentist, I bit the bullet and decided that I really need to go as I had a badly rotten tooth. Alastair is absolutely fantastic, and put me at ease straight away. After having one tooth extracted and a couple of filling done, I now feel my fear of the dentist is well and truly a thing of the past. Thank you to the whole team at New Town Dental Care. I highly recommend them 👏👏👏👏

I’ve been using New Town Dental Care for a few years now. The staff are very friendly and always helpful when fitting appointments in between your busy schedules. Margaret (hygienist) is delightful, very professional and talkative making you feel at ease. Derek (dentist) is also fantastic, very warm and welcoming. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

Most useful NHS dental surgery search. Not only can you find dental practices in the Edinburgh area or Edinburgh but you can see all the services that they provide and often their patient ratings.
NHS24.com. The Scottish NHS Service - search for doctors and dentists throughout Scotland

To find local GP & doctors surgeries for Local doctors surgeries for Edinburgh and EH8 9LP. You can not only see all sorts of things about GP surgeries which you might find really useful (including whether they are accepting new patients or not!) Crucially you can also enter a medical condition and see where it can be treated near Edinburgh and get general guidelines as to how long you might be in hospital for say a hip replacement. Each hospital is different. You might find this either worrying or comforting!

Doctors serving the Edinburgh area

The Baronscourt Surgery

89 Northfield Broadway, Edinburgh EH8 7RX, UK – 0131 657 5444

Just recently moved to the area, and was fairly ominous about registering at the practice after reading alot of reviews but I can honestly say from my first encounter the staff receptionist included were all very polite and extremely helpful. I wanted to make an appointment after registering but was informed it takes two days to be registered. After explaining the situation the receptionist very kindly said she would get me registered so I could make an appointment the following day. The next day my appointment was made without fuss and I was seen by a very professional doctor.

I have been with this surgery all my life, almost 34 years. The original old doctors were amazing but they have now all retired or left. There are a couple of doctors there who are very helpful but like other reviews have said, the receptionists let the place down. They sound aggressive over the phone, answer you back face to face when I was nothing but polite. No need for this. Asking simple questions seem like an inconvenience. I have waited an hour and a half past my appointment time to find the receptionist hadn't marked me as waiting. This has happened twice that i can think of. I don't think I've ever been taken on time. 30 mins plus past your appointment time is normal but don't dare be 1 min late or the aggressive receptionist will have something to say! If the receptionists were as they should be then i would have gave 4 stars but i have instead given a generous 3 stars

Bruntsfield Medical Practice

11 Forbes Rd, Edinburgh EH10 4EY, UK – 0131 228 6081

I've been a patient here for 4 years now. As a French expat it is not always easy to understand how the NHS and medical services are working in the UK but this medical practice is just brillant. The staff is lovely, very helpful and always here to give advice. Very easy to have appointment on same day. Dr Calvert is the best.

One of the best medical practices I've ever visited. Staff is always friendly and helpful, never had to wait too long in there. Sometimes it's hard to book an appointment but considering the amount of patients they have, I can't really blame them. By far the best practice in the area.

Dr H Gray

26 Huntingdon Pl, Edinburgh EH7 4AT, UK – 0131 556 8196

Great practice - always there when I need them. I've always had very positive experiences with staff at every level. I've been registered here for more than 15 years.

Best GP I've ever had, bar none. (Edit to add: I mean, I know it's kind of weird to leave google reviews for your GP; I was just saddened when I came to check the phone number and saw that someone had left a bad review because she was annoyed at the reception staff, so wanted to counteract that.)

NHS and Private Hospitals in EH8 and throughout Edinburgh

Royal Infirmary Edinburgh

51 Little France Cres, Edinburgh EH16 4SA, UK – 0131 536 1000

Have to praise the staff at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. From the moment mum was taken in on Monday, the care and attention she received was outstanding. Particularly the nurses of base 4 in the Acute Medical unit. Those girls were awesome. They made a difficult week much easier to deal with. Nothing was too much trouble for them. The whole family was looked after and mum got the best care possible. Words cannot express how grateful we are xx ❤

Couldn't be more happier with the care i received from the Royal this morning. I had a check up to see if everything was okay and Cathy one of the student nurses was so helpful and very efficient. Very friendly. All the best with your future. Xx

Royal Edinburgh Hospital

Morningside Pl, Edinburgh EH10 5HF, UK – 0131 537 6000

The things a? Maybe know proffcer Dr John geddes,!!! Helped me alot, the staff have to name no, I. D even ward ten?,,, many. Any yrs later when I gelnocals prison,,, showed me the bad one?? Hahaha a was never showed how much care, a was bomdarded with care, could not hurt anyone, never have, locking up, no eggecft, but the care from prisoners aswell,H Holton,,, and Linda conner!!! Gave life with the prisoners, but care!!!"Is key???

I Would like too thank all the staff at Harlaw ward, my father was in for 4 weeks, and was very well looked after! All the staff do an amazing job. Thankyou.

Chalmers Hospital

2a Chalmers St, Edinburgh EH3 9HQ, UK – 0131 536 1070

S'il vous arrive un pépin de santé, vous serez que vous pouvez vous rendre en ce lieu.

Private medical clinics in EH8 Abortion Advice, Acupuncture Practitioners, Cosmetic Surgery, Electrolysis & Laser Hair Removal Pregnancy Testing, Travel Clinics and Vasectomy

Private Medical Clinics serving Edinburgh

City Health Clinic

9 Earl Grey St, Edinburgh EH3 9BN, UK – 0131 228 2442

Excellent dentists' surgery accepting NHS patients. Having used them for both routine check-ups and a more complicated root canal treatment, the care and provision in both instances was polite, professional and thorough from all staff. They were sensitive to nervousness and anxiety as well as being helpful with prompt treatment for an unforeseen complication. Highly recommended, albeit hopefully rarely urgently needed!

excellent dental services. I broke a tooth today and they have fixed me up until I get back from holiday with an emergency appointment. I'm an NHS patient.

MedicSpot Clinic Edinburgh Clerk Street

46-48 Clerk St, Edinburgh EH8 9JB, UK – 0131 357 8887

Absolutely amazed how quick and easy it was. I couldn't register with any GP and was struggling with my flu for over a month. Made an appointment in the evening and next day I had my visit. Got antibiotics and finally feel better. I highly recommend this :)

Ultrasound Direct Edinburgh - Babybond

7-9 N St David St, Edinburgh EH2 1AW, UK – 01506 415215

I used this to get an 8 week scan when I was pregnant with my daughter. It was reasonably priced and a good professional service. Hearing the heartbeat was well worth the money because it let me know a full month before my first nhs scan that I was very likely going to keep the baby.

Travel Clinics

Superdrug Health Clinic

83 Princes St, Edinburgh EH2 2ER, UK – 0333 311 1007

As an experienced traveler I have been to a lot of travel clinics all over the world but nurse Amy at Superdrug has without a doubt been one of the most pleasant encounters I have had. She not only provided insight and advice that saved me money, but the immunizations were painless, fast and super professional. Walking in I was not quite sure what to expect - walking out I knew I'd be back. Thanks!!

Got my vaccinations done with Laura and she was absolutely wonderful! Super nice and very knowledgeable - made my first Edinburgh travel clinic experience very comfortable and pleasant.

Dears Pharmacy & Travel Clinic

92-96 Easter Rd, Abbeyhill, Edinburgh EH7 5RH, UK – 0131 659 6095

The best service I have ever had at a chemist. I was offered a repeat prescription service by the pharmacist Sarah who was more than helpful. Sarah's co -workers were also super friendly and helpful too. A pleasure to visit this branch.

Used that chemist since 2011 & apart from 3 or 4 little mistakes they've been brilliant. The staff there are very nice & are always helpful & the waiting time is no more than 2mins.

Trailfinders Edinburgh

14 Castle St, Edinburgh EH2 3AT, UK – 0131 243 2800

Easy to arrange holiday, good local knowledge of destination and best way to travel, very competant

Easily the best Travel Agent in the city. We have used Trailfinders twice now, once for our Honeymoon and once for my Wife's birthday. Both times the staff have been excellent. For our Honeymoon we had a rough idea of what we were looking for but very little outside of new, warm and relaxing. Our agent, Warren, talked us through a whole raft of options, swapping and chopping and changing dates, destinations and itinerary based upon our initially vague criteria. The destination we ended up with was something we never imagined or knew anything about but which turned out to be absolutely perfect. Our agent had stayed in the same area but at a different resort and his local knowledge was absolutely spot on. Any changes to our flights were communicated clearly and quickly and they also took care of transfers and tours for us. They also let the hotels know that we were on our honeymoon and each made a special effort for us on our arrival. After the faultless service we received with out Honeymoon we again returned with a slightly less vague destination but, other than a "Where" and "When". we relied wholly on our agent. Again the service was excellent with any of our "what about swapping this for that and moving this to here and can we stop off here and do x?" being quickly amended and options put to us clearly. We ended up with not only our desired destination but an extra one on top and a stop over that will allow some shopping before coming home. We used to book every part of the holiday ourselves but now we will be using Trailfinders, and especially this branch, every time we go away for more than a weekend.

Find the Accident & Emergency department closest to you by using the NHS website.
Local Family Planning centres in EH8 Related Headings often listed: Abortion Advice Clinics - N.H.S. Counselling Services & Advice Services. Pregnancy Testing
NHS Local Health Authorities - find the LHA for Edinburgh. Major NHS Hospitals are also listed

Health Centres, Travel Clinics, Sports Injury Clinics, Hospitals. Click the MORE for the full list.

The University Health Centre, The University of Edinburgh

6 Bristo Pl, Edinburgh EH8 9AL, UK – 0131 650 2777

I think this is the best practice I have ever been registered with...always helpful and know their stuff, I trust what the gps say ! If you're lucky enough to be in their catchment area don't hesitate!

Dr Shaw & Partners || Stockbridge Health Centre

1 India Pl, Edinburgh EH3 6EH, UK – 0131 225 9191

Using there IT system for appointments and repeat prescriptions is excellent. Friendly reception staff and good doctors. Great location.

Great staff

Health For Life Spinal Wellness Centre

56 Montrose Terrace, Edinburgh EH7 5DP, UK – 0131 477 1728

i decided to try this place on a whim having issues with my back for a number of years they were very professional and made me feel welcome from my first session the improvement was night and day the visable hunch in my spine when i would sit is not longer there That was after just one session i have been going regular for nearly a month it was the best decision i have made i now suffer headaches much less frequently i dont feel nearly as much discomfort as i did before tommy has really helped alot and i will continue to go back but i just felt like i had to share my thoughts on this place thank you Ryan

I been to the clinic in a few occasions where I seen Dr Farrell for spine adjustments that helped me a lot. I really recommend Dr Farrell as he is very good at helping with pains and explaining. Also had sports massage with both sports massage therapist Dana and Adrian in different days and I can truly recommend them. They know exactly what they do and they know how to help. I really really recommend Health For Life clinic. Thank you everyone for your help.

Hospices for Children and Adults

St Columba's Hospice Shop

195-197 Morningside Rd, Edinburgh EH10 4QP, UK – 0131 447 8686

Reasonable selection of items. Large book section and good for household items. Not so good for clothing although I've still found the occasional thing that was exactly what I was looking for.

The book selection is neat and tidy, with a good selection of non-fiction.

St Columba's Hospice

352 Leith Walk, Edinburgh EH6 5BR, UK – 0131 555 1526

Great wee shop staff are lovely cheap aswell.

I love this charity shop mainly for it's large selection of buttons and it's section of fabrics, bedding, curtains, tea towels etc. at the back. I've found some fantastic vintage tea towels here, still in 'as new' condition which I'm hoping to repurpose into something fun. I find the cheap fabrics are great if you're just starting out with a sewing machine, as you can have a play around without spending a lot of money in case something doesn't go quite as expected! They usually have a good book selection and it's a great place to find vintage glassware as well. The prices are always very reasonable and they also sell free range farm eggs! Always worth stopping in for a poke around, there are hidden treasures to be found!

St. Columba's Hospice Bookshop

15 Montagu Terrace, Edinburgh EH3 5QR, UK – 0131 552 3994

Best charity bookshop in Edinburgh. Always a great selection and a wee table of blocks to keep kids busy.

This small charity bookstore has a great selection of second hand books in good condition at bargain prices. The stock is updated regularly and shelved in a logical order that makes it easy to browse.

Sports injury clinics within the Edinburgh area
Find a NHS Walk In Centre closest to Edinburgh.

Dispensing Chemists around Edinburgh

Many dispensing chemists also do Photographic Processing and Wine Making & Home Brewing Equipment & Supplies! You could try searching on these headings as well.

Chemists and Pharmacists


73 Cockburn St, Edinburgh EH1 1BU, UK

Nice staff good products very nice shop

Nice place, great selection.


45/5 Duke St, Edinburgh EH6 6AE, UK – 0131 554 7511

I get my prescription filled here weekly have always found them helpful prefer this smaller pharmacy to boots

five star service always hepful

LloydsPharmacy In Sainsburys

Meadowbank Shopping Park, Moray Park Terrace, Edinburgh EH7 5TS, UK – 0131 661 1129

Pretty slow. Generally have everything in stock.

Find online UK counsellors and psychotherapists near Edinburgh, with information on their training and experience, areas of counselling, fees and contact details. This service is free, confidential & easy to use.

Care Homes

Residential care for the elderly in around Edinburgh. Also listed are Nursing Homes and Residential Care Homes. Very much a starting point only but a useful reference none the less.
St Margarets Care Home

5 E Suffolk Rd, Edinburgh EH16 5PJ, UK – 0131 341 4736

The team at St Margaret's always go above and beyond, they are all helpful & kind and I am grateful for all of the support.

Castlegreen Care Home

160 Greendykes Rd, Edinburgh EH16 4ES, UK – 0131 657 8320

Castle green care home is lovely. As a agency nurse the staff made me feel very welcome. Friendly careing helpfull staff.

As a singer I entertain in lots of Care Homes and must say the residents seem content and the staff get involved in dancing etc and my shows.

Bield Housing & Care

79 Hopetoun St, Edinburgh EH7 4QF, UK – 0131 273 4000

Ok, cards on table I used to work here, but the people are friendly, knowledgeable and enthusiastic, and they do a great job providing a great service to tenants, service users and owners

Lovely flats not the best location for party weekends


6 Claremont Park, Edinburgh EH6 7PH, UK – 0131 554 6868

Very good service

Cameron Park Nursing Home

70 Peffermill Rd, Edinburgh EH16 5LP, UK – 0131 667 2032

My Auntie Ina was in Cameronpark for over fours years they were so kind and caring towards her so had plenty of activities to join in she was fussy with her food if she didn’t want what was on the menu it was no problem for the chef to make her something else she had a lovely bedroom her own pictures and ornaments from home in the final days of her life she was given love and attention second to none and was allowed to die with complete dignity. We as a family would recommend Cameronpark Nursing Home to anyone whose relatives suffer from Alzheimer’s or dementia for pernament stay or respite.

Marian House

7 Oswald Rd, Edinburgh EH9 2HE, UK – 0131 662 5125

As a student nurse it can be very daunting passing from one placement to the next and feeling like the odd one out. The staff at Marian House have made me feel thoroughly welcomed - from the nurses to the carers, the activities co-ordinators, and the domestics and kitchen staff. The high standards of care towards all residents - showing compassion and dignity, following policies, and clear respect amongst all employees ( and towards students ), have made this care home an absolute pleasure to work at. Thank you all. I will miss you!

Marion house is a 35 bedroom care home. The home is run by Viewpoint housing association.The home has two floors 2 dinning rooms 2 lounge areas, a large garden. There is Wi fi facility throughout the home as well. viewpoint history We are an award-winning provider of supported housing and care services for older people in Edinburgh, the Lothian's and Fife. Established in 1947, our primary objective is to improve the quality of life and well being of our tenants and care home residents through promoting independence, enabling choice and offering peace of mind in a safe and supported environment. We are registered with the Scottish Housing Regulator as a Registered Social Landlord and as a charity with the Office of the Scottish Charities Regulator (OSCR). Viewpoint was founded in 1947 in response to the post World War housing shortage. In those days women had very little domiciliary rights and were therefore particularly affected during this time. In response to the plight of homeless women, Miss Jane Cunningham, the daughter of a local minister, purchased a flat in Rutland Square with the aid of a building society loan. Miss Cunningham also let out part of her own flat as apartment-rooms to single women. It was at this stage that it was suggested she should form a committee to manage the properties. The first committee, established in 1947, comprised of eight like-minded women. They were to call themselves the Viewpoint Housing Society. As its original tenants grew older, Viewpoint recognised the need for a variety of housing schemes designed specifically to meet the requirements of older people, such as sheltered housing through to 24-hour care. In addition to catering for older people, Viewpoint also introduced amenity and general needs housing for those below retirement age There is 24HR nursing care by registered RGNS the care assistants are put through training at SVQ level. Marion house has a very home feeling about it the residents there are well looked after.The grading from the care commission are of good standard and the standards are kept high by the staff .The cleanliness of the home is kept to a very high standard.Marion house is dementia friendly.I would recommend this home.😀 Stevie jamieson

Includes useful GP and dental surgery search by postcode, name or area - find NHS services near Edinburgh
Very good site for finding local health services in and around Edinburgh - doctors, dentists, stop smoking services, etc. Just type in your postcode to find services for EH8.
National Health Service website with health encyclopaedia, self-help guide, stay healthy guide.

Sadly NHS Direct succumbed to rationalisation. We now ring 111 for problems which are less urgent than those requiring a 999 call.

However do have a look at this website. There is lots of good stuff in it. Jerome K Jerome eat your heart out!


Ecosse Acupuncture Edinburgh

6 N Charlotte St, Edinburgh EH2 4HR, UK – 07982 742177

I went to see Pascal after being diagnosed with PCOS and being on progesterone for two months which made me feel awful. Pascal takes a very through history and is very professional. I already felt better just after one session and now after three months all my symptoms of PCOS are completely gone and I have a regular cycle, I am so grateful that I found an alternative way of treatment that actually works and would highly recommend this place.

I have been seeing Pascal over the last 7 years He helped so much when I was going through difficult emotional times. I also see him just to stay connected body, mind and soul. He is insightful and compassionate. Would recommend him to all.

Ming Chen Clinics

24 Bernard St, Edinburgh EH6 6PP, UK – 0131 554 0808

I saw Ran today for acupuncture. Amazing experience, thank you so much. My original complaint was that my back was in severe spasm. The pain is relieved by half at the moment and I have a lot more movement. So grateful. Thank you again.

Dr Ming was recommended to me by a friend who had had a kidney problem necessitating an investigative procedure in hospital which she did not feel well enough to attend and endure. She had consulted Dr Ming who treated her over a 6 month period and effectively brought her back to her former good health. Later I understood that her consultant was surprised to find that she no longer required any operation and that her kidneys were fine. I was a cancer patient who had survived bowel cancer which had metastisised in my liver and bile ducts. I had had 3 major operations and 2 lots of chemotherapy. A year after this, a huge cist was found on my ovary and my consultant wanted to whip these out as a natter of precaution. I consulted Dr Ming. She took my pulses - there are 6 in Chinese medicine - and she determined that my spleen was over working - 'Too much thinking!' she pronounced. Then she explained that she could perhaps get rid of the cist over 6 weeks or so, but that, given my history, I would be better advised to go through the operation and that she would give me the energy to do that and to recover quickly afterwards. I took her advice and, sure enough, after one £50 session of acupuncture (which I'd never had before) I felt like I was walking on clouds and could overcome anything. This feeling lasted 3 days till my op which all went well. Afterwards, the intensive care nurses commented on how well I looked for someone who had just been operated on. I also had this feeling of elation and positivity, knowing that the future was bright and there was no point in worrying about everything in life. I went back to Dr Ming a few weeks later for one further session. This time she applied her healing technique with her needles, deftly, swiftly and painlessly inserting them with her slim clever fingers in and around my abdomen and arms, as I recall now a few years later. The effects weren't so apparently magical as previously, but the whole experience offered by Dr Ming is one you can't really value in money terms. For £50, I was put at ease, introduced to the ancient and wise Chinese ways, I was soothed, heard and encouraged. Whilst relaxing in a quiet, clinical setting with touches of the Orient to idly rest my eyes upon, I heard gentle classical music till my racing thoughts slowed down and dispersed until I drifted off into a partial sleep. All too soon the doctor breezed back in to remove the needles - it must have been 25mins or so. Afterwards I was on a high for days. Now where can you buy an experience of well being like that for £50?

Portobello Natural Health

19-21 Windsor Pl, Edinburgh EH15 2AJ, UK – 07966 518386

This was my first massage for years so didn't know what to expect. I had a consultation before the massage started and then Kerry talked me through what she thought was the best therapy for me. Thoroughly enjoyed the massage and came out feeling great. Would certainly recommend this clinic.

Alternative Medicine around Edinburgh

Alternative and complementary medicines and therapies in EH8

Aromatherapists around Edinburgh

Hope's Garden

25 Nicolson Square, Edinburgh EH8 9BX, UK – 07761 910224

Angela has very nurturing touch, firm but gentle at the same time. Just like mother's touch. It was easy for me to relax and enjoy every second of the massage especially with amazing essential oils blend she made for me. And the best part you get that wee happy scent to go around with you for the rest of the day. If you are in need of loving or would like to give a loving gift I would definitely recommend Aromatherapy Massage here.

Reflexology Fiona Gardiner

Woodburn Terrace, Edinburgh EH10 4SS, UK – 0131 446 3785

Optimal Health Chiropractic

70 Newington Rd, Edinburgh EH9 1QN, UK – 0131 662 6999

Optimal Health Chiropractic have been amazing. They diagnosed my back problem and through regular adjustments they have made my back strong. All the staff are very friendly and knowledgeable about chiropractic. I recently lost my dad and the staff were fantastic, helping me through the trauma physically and emotionally.

Feel ten times better

Morningside Chiropractic

74 Comiston Rd, Edinburgh EH10 5QJ, UK – 0131 447 3794

I saw Vicky regularly since the start of my pregnancy right up to the birth of my son and I cannot recommend her highly enough! Her treating me is the main reason that I remained pain free during pregnancy despite carrying a very big baby on a small frame! Vicky is a first class chiropractor and she is excellent with people, putting me at ease and fully explaining what she was doing. I never felt rushed and the techniques that Vicky uses are gentle, yet effective. I have had chiropractic treatment before so I know how beneficial it can be, but I was really impressed just how much Vicky helped me during pregnancy. I also took my son to see Laura a few weeks after he was born for a newborn check up. Laura found nothing that needed to be treated. The peace of mind that his little body has not been impacted by the birth process is invaluable!

Great place for sorting out my back and hip problem. Vicky you are a star. Have only been 4 times and feeling better already but a few more appointments to go. Back and hip problem been going on since last August 2017. All my GP would give is pain killers!!! Thank you.

Chiropractic Health

5 Colinton Rd, Edinburgh EH10 5DP, UK – 0131 447 2882

I had one session at Joey's chiropractic center and he was able to solve my issue right away. Really impressed. Recommended!

I've had long term spinal health problems and been to quite a few other places for treatment with limited success. My health was transformed by Joey and I would only recommend him to anyone else. Many thanks.

Homeopathy around Edinburgh

Jenny Livingstone M.A. R.S.Hom. Registered Homeopath

1 St Colme St, Edinburgh EH3 6AA, UK – 07717 601723

Jenny understood my medical condition quickly and prescribed remedies accordingly that helped me feel better in a relatively short time!

Neal's Yard Remedies Edinburgh

102 Hanover St, Edinburgh EH2 1DR, UK – 0131 226 3223

Great choice for essential oils...

I bought my girlfriend some vouchers as it is her birthday soon, her friend and herself both really like Fiona, one of the lady's who does massages. Victoria was really friendly and had everything, presented nicely & prepared for me so didn't take long, keeping a ticket off my car. Not sure if I would have received such a nice welcome from the other staff, but was really impressed with Victoria she knew her products very well and as I mentioned all ready she was very friendly.


18 Bristo Pl, Edinburgh EH1 1EZ, UK – 0131 225 5542

Me and my family have been helped many times here when the usual GP/NHS route has failed. I highly recommend a consultation with one of the specialists (clinic is just to the right of the shop) as they will prescribe tailor made tinctures/salves etc. which are then mixed/ bottled and dispensed here.

Lovely shopping experience with some knowledgeable and friendly staff. I love the history of the shop too and that some of the blends are Duncan Napier's original recipes!

Occupational Therapists

Move Freely Sports Therapy + Performance

9 Mansfield Pl, Edinburgh EH3 6NB, UK – 0131 557 4404

I have just finished a treatment program with Lorenz and he was excellent! Service is straight to the point, efficient and it always works. The massages have helped me greatly and my condition is miles better. He gave me new exercises each time I went and followed up with practising to make sure I was doing them right. Highly recommended! Thanks Lorenz :)

I have had some effective treatments with Lorenz who I found to be very thorough and professional, as well as friendly. I recommend him very strongly.

Astley Ainslie Hospital

133 Grange Loan, Edinburgh EH9 2HL, UK – 0131 537 9000

I was in there for almot a month and have nothing but praise for all the doctors & nurses ots physio's and i am now having after care the best place to go for rehab jusy a pity they are so short staffed on all levelsthey just dont have time to give 100% to everybody which is a pity

Not just great food but a fabulous rehabilitation hospital. Their care and attention was second to none when l lost my leg 18 months ago. The Physio was hard work but well worth the effort in the long run. The staff are really good too.

Murray Wellbeing

Strathmore Business Centres, 10 York Pl, Edinburgh EH1 3EP, UK – 0131 524 8110

Specsavers Opticians Edinburgh - North Bridge

27 North Bridge, Edinburgh EH1 1SB, UK – 0131 558 5260

I had the nicest optician I have ever met in Specsavers. His name was John and he was just the best. A wonderful contacts checkup.

Very friendly staff and good at testing ur eyes I go there all the time and good range of glasses

Vision Express Opticians

24 Frederick St, Edinburgh EH2 2JR, UK – 0131 556 5656

Great service! I had to get glasses quite quickly over the holidays and was able to get a eye test immediately without having booked in advance. All of the staff were very helpful and nice and the service was very efficient.

It really depends who you get. My first pair of glasses didn't have the anti-glare coating (despite being paid for) and I'm almost certain it was the display pair I was given. Visit for my second pair was excellent and they were very helpful. When I've popped in since to have my glasses tightened, they've mostly been brilliant but it really does just depend who you get on the day. On the plus side, they have an excellent range of glasses - I managed to get two pairs that suit me and I never thought I would!

20 20 Opticians

17 Queen St, Edinburgh EH2 1JX, UK – 0131 225 1222

I came into 2020 as my current optician didn't have a great selection of frames. I was helped out first by David who helped me find the style and colour that would suit best, and ordered in extras for me to try. I came back to try them on, and being fussy I changed my mind. Irene was amazing and somehow knew exactly what I was after and I found my perfect pair. They gave me a great deal as I was buying two pairs and I'm so pleased with my new specs! I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants a great range and friendly efficient service.

On holiday and my glasses broke. Popped in to 20 20 and the lovely fellow saved the day by making a sturdy temporary fix that will get me back home where I can get the offending parts replaced. While I was waiting I browsed their lovely selection of frames. Very nice shop!


Edinburgh Osteopathic Surgery

187 Dalkeith Rd, Edinburgh EH16 5DS, UK – 0131 667 1234

We brought our oldest son here to see Paul and he was so well looked after. Paul gave us really good sound advice and guidance and a quick diagnosis of the cause of pain. Following Paul's guidelines has dramatically eased and improved the pain.

After suffering from what seemed like a trapped nerve down my right leg for sometime a friend recommended for me to go and see Paul. He quickly diagnosed my problem and got to work manipulating my lower back, I couldn't believe the difference after just one session. I went back a further twice to keep on top of it over the next few weeks we are now 3 months down the line and I haven't felt any pain since and am now able to play football and work (plumber) without any discomfort. My only regret is that I didn't go down sooner. It was a great service right through from the lady on the phone to the treatment itself and can't recommend the Edinburgh Osteopathic Surgery Highly enough. James Young

Soma Osteopathy

21 Queen Charlotte St, Edinburgh EH6 6BA, UK – 0131 553 3388

First time with an osteopath and David’s treatments have made a profoundly positive difference to my pain levels and overall well-being

Had been experiencing severe lower back pain, tension and general agony for months. Visited Soma and can't recommend them enough. David had a strategy in mind from the first visit and is clear, helpful, friendly and gets results.

Eyre Place Osteopathic Practice

23 Eyre Pl, Edinburgh EH3 5EX, UK – 0131 557 2211

Outstanding! Highly recommend . Thank you for fixing me and I feel so much better. Ailis sorted me out last year, Jane has worked miracles this time. Time to catch up with work.

Like many people my sedentary working life sometimes leads to back and neck tension and pain. Fortunately I always know I'll feel much better after a visit to Eyre Place Osteopathy. Over the years I've been treated by Glynis, Kenneth and Tom and can highly recommend them all for first class treatment and great preventative advice. It is great to have a place you know and trust to go when in need of care to keep you active and painfree.

Physiotherapy in EH8

The Physiotherapy Clinics - Bruntsfield

43 Bruntsfield Pl, Edinburgh EH10 4HJ, UK – 07738 304238

Was in a lot of pain with my back - pulled it lifting a hoover! I went to see Beth - she diagosed displaced discs, treated it and advised me on exercises to ease the pain and prevent recurrence. After two sessions with Beth my back is now fixed - fantastic! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her or this practice.


7A Haddington Pl, Edinburgh EH7 4AE, UK – 07544 706807

I went to see Nick after injuring my shoulder. I booked one of his 10 minute advice appointments and he had me in for a full appointment the very next day. I am a performer, I earn my living with my body, so it is very important to me to look after it and get good treatment when I need it. Nick really understood this and gave me treatment and advice specific to my needs and abilities. He quickly assessed my injury and the weakness that had led to it and gave me treatment that immediately relieved some of the pain and added mobility. He got me well enough to participate in an important event that weekend, but was also wise in advising me about what I need in the longer term. I now have exercises that I can use to rectify the underlying problem I had. I would recommend Nick at e-physiotherapy to anyone, especially my very physically active colleagues.

Nick at E-physio is brilliant. I had excellent treatment for back issues and was assessed speedily and given advice and tailored exercises which helped me greatly. He would without a doubt be my first call in the future for treatment. He is a highly trained healthcare provider offering honest and friendly treatment with a central Edinburgh location so easily accessible too

Edinburgh Sports & Spinal Physiotherapy

93 George St, Edinburgh EH2 3ES, UK – 0131 235 2354

After injuring both knees and being unable to partake in physical activity for months, I wasn't optimistic that I'd be able to make any sort of full recovery. I'd tried foam rolling, trigger point therapy, stretching and even built my own slant-board for squats, all to no avail. I booked in with Richard and he gave me strengthening exercises for the tendons, and exercises to improve my movement patterns. I began to see incremental improvements, and after 4 months have returned to playing squash. Richard's service was very fairly priced, and I was always given 2-4 weeks of exercises to perform between visits. I can't recommend his service enough.

Me: Asst Snr Endurance Group Coach, very cynical about all therapies, especially those that require regular, repeat treatments over the long term. Training for a marathon. Concerned about a calf injury getting worse (and obviously, being a coach, I knew exactly what was wrong) Richard: Physiotherapist that understands athletes and their needs. He listened to me and all my explanations. Richard took it all in and despite my self-diagnosis he correctly identified my problem (not muscle injury but tendonosis) I expected to be told to rest but Richard was aware of my aims and gave me a targeted exercise regime and a revised training schedule to get me to the start line with 6 weeks to go. He warned me I might not make it but in the event his treatment/program worked more quickly than I had dared to hope. I was able to increase the training load after 2 weeks and felt confident I would get to the start line. There is a lot more to this story but it is enough to say I made the start line and finished in under 4 hours. I couldn't have done it without Richard. Subsequently, I have gone to Richard with 2 other problems which he has sorted. I am not on any long term plan. I've just seen Richard where he has diagnosed the problem, provided me with an appropriate treatment and effectively cured each complaint. What do you get from Richard. 1 An athlete focused physiotherapist 2 Accurate diagnosis 3 Treatment of the underlying problem, and, importantly, not just alleviation of the symptoms 4 Refined, even more targeted, treatment as the condition improves. 5 A plan that takes into account what you are trying to do/achieve (treating the whole athlete, not just the injury/complaint). 6 A trusted, respectful, knowledgeable and effective physiotherapist. What you need to do: Listen to what Richard has to say and follow through on the plan. Do the exercises. Do the stretches. Do the training. Do the reps. Richard will keep you right and you will be a better athlete afterwards.

Psychiatrists serving EH8

Royal College Of Psychiatrists

12 Queen St, Edinburgh EH2 1JE, UK – 0131 220 2910

Insight Psychiatric Svcs

7 Alva St, Edinburgh EH2 4PH, UK – 0131 226 2025

The Edinburgh Practice

35a Northumberland St, Edinburgh EH3 6LR, UK – 0131 467 0981

Psychotherapy around Edinburgh

David Harford Counselling Psychotherapy and Supervision

13 Smith's Pl, Edinburgh EH6 8NT, UK – 07962 887783

thank you david for all your help settling into my new home still a wee bit up the air but getting there would not have made this journey so again I thank you

Edinburgh Institute for Counselling & Psychotherapy - E.I.C.P

Scott House, 10 South St Andrew Street, Edinburgh EH2 2AZ, UK – 0131 667 5251

The Life Academy Edinburgh-Counselling-Psychotherapy-Coaching

20 Bruntsfield Ave, Edinburgh EH10 4EW, UK – 0131 208 5969

NHS Choices website with details of Stop Smoking Services, contact information and location map. Search for help to quit smoking in Edinburgh

Reflexology around Edinburgh

Fertility & Pregnancy Ltd (Georgie McCulloch Reflexology)

Central Studio, 14A Broughton St Ln, Edinburgh EH1 3LY, UK – 07919 001491

I had a fertility massage from Rebecca today and can't recommend it enough. She takes the time to care and listen to what is happening with you. Although a massage therapist, this was a treament that I had not experienced before and it has really helped loosen up my lower back and pelvic area. I can see it being of great benefit for those trying to concieve. Thank you

First class reflexologist. Been seeing Georgie for some years for various health issues and she has always been able to help.

Helen Harris, Reflexologist and Sound Therapist

Simpson Loan, Edinburgh EH3 9BS, UK – 07849 402933

Maureen Robertson Reflexology

30 Windsor St, Edinburgh EH7 5JR, UK – 0131 556 7821

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